Crown Champion – Legends of the Arena

Crown Champion Legends of the ArenaAwesome Turn Based RPG that I found in Steam Market for $1.05 looks or rather feels a lot like “Cursed Dungeon” flash game. Thing about games like these… you don’t have control over fight at all: you don’t swing swords or defend yourself or cast magic. Read more



Inside ReviewInside by Playdead! Epic side-scroller game that has no equal in the genre. Some dark humor, out of the box puzzles and very dark and twisted game world , is what the game is all about. But before I say more about the game, I’m going to quote a stolen comment from one of the steam reviewers that also stall it from someone else on YouTube:

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Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut

wasteland 2 directors cut review

Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut by Inxile Entertainment is probably the most impressive RPG game in classic Fallout style built with Unity Game Engine. But then again, while the game looks a lot like Fallout, Wasteland 2 in fact is a sequel to the original Wasteland game (1988), which is believe it or not, even older than original Fallout game. Funny thing is, while the most people think and consider Wasteland 2 as a Fallout “rip off”, it’s in fact the opposite, Fallout 1 1997 was the “spiritual successor” of Wasteland game. Read more